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Google Local Listing Optimization

Online marketing is a very important aspect of the small business. Search Engine Optimization is a key component of getting a local business found online. To improve local search results good local SEO strategies are imperative. According to some research information about 87 percent of people who search for and find a product or service on line are likely to purchase off line. This means that you have to be able to get your business information on the web and into the hands of potential clients. The way to do that is through using SEO strategies. To put your business at the top of the search engine results for local listings may utilize many of these strategies. Using title tags is an essential part of these strategies.

Title Tags and Local Search

Improving the title tags within your site can improve your local SEO. When search engines are looking for information about your site they will check out the website code in the title tags first. You do not want to overload a title tag but you want to use it to its maximum potential. A title tag can hold quite a few words but Google’s limit is 70. It’s okay to use your business name in your title tag, just add some more keyword phrases; specifically keywords that people in your local area are looking for.

A title tag will specify the title of your web page in HTML code. This code is inserted in the header of the page and it will look something like this:


<title>Your  Interior Painting Company Title</title>


There are two ways to optimize the title tag. You may choose to use the format: primary keyword – secondary keyword – brand name (or company). Another format may be: brand name-primary keyword and secondary keyword. An example for a painting contractor might look like this: Picone painting- exterior painting contractor – New Jersey. This way the primary keyword, business name and local tag are all included in the title tag. Remember to use a different title for each page of the site, don’t just use one title for all the pages. Make each one a good, but brief description of the contents of the page.

Using H1 Title Tags

The title tags and H1 (heading) tags should work together on a page. Actually they should be complimentary of each other. By looking at these two tags alone you should have a very clear idea of what the page consists of. These two places are very important in terms of SEO keywords. Take full advantage of the value that search engines place on H1 tags. To you, it may just look like a regular heading, but the search engine crawlers see much more. The page title tag has your focus keyword or keyword phrases in it. Then the Heading 1 tag should simply be reinforcement to the title tag. If the title tag has a general locality, like the state of New Jersey as a local keyword, then use a more specific keyword such as a specific county or town in the title tags.

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Great article thanks for sharing. Title tags and heading tags was a important part of the seo process

I think local advertising is more focused and brings much profit. Chasing after the global market is going to be really competitive.

Great details in this post for businesses that want to surface on local search engine results. Thanks for sharing!

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