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SEO Blog

SEO Blog

There is a lot that goes into an effective SEO campaign. There are many components to launching one and SEO best practices covers a lot of territory. But for those who are trying to do a little research on the topic, it is easy to get burned when you start reading various SEO blogs. If you go to the first blog you find and read it you may end up in a world of hurt with tons of misinformation. There can be serious results like getting your site penalized by Panda, or getting banned from a particular site because of black hat methods that are less than ethical. It goes without saying that there is both good and bad content on this information highway we call the web 2.0!

Be Careful

The best advice for those who are looking for solid information about best SEO practices is to be careful. Do not believe everything you read. Just because the author says that they are an SEO specialist, does not mean it’s true. As a good rule of thumb, never believe anything that you read only on one site. It is wiser to read several reputable SEO blogs and sort through the information to make sure you have achieved a good understanding of it.

Another very important aspect is to make sure that the blog is up to date. The internet is always changing and evolving. Check to see when the blog was written. For instance, if it was written before the latest Panda updates you may find yourself in a bind. Always check the date and read multiple blogs on the topic to get a good balance of information. Here are some of the best SEO blogs that I use for my research.

The SEOMOZ Blog is one of the most comprehensive ones available. It has a wide variety of topics and it is closely monitored to ensure that the information you read is accurate and correct. The blog gives very useful and updated information on a lot of SEO best practices. You can search it to find informative articles on how to launch and maintain a successful SEO campaign, link building strategies and various aspects of web 2.0 optimization. It contains plenty of good advice on how to make the most of the social media available on the internet. I use this particular blog a lot when doing my own research.

The other SEO blog that I use frequently is Actually, I subscribe to this blog and find that there is a lot of useful information for anyone working in any capacity with web marketing. This blog is very professionally done. The writing style is very open and honest.  This blog is written by Mark Murnahan, who is an SEO veteran and one of the leading SEO experts around!  The main thing though, is the content. He usually presents more than one side to the story. He takes time to describe what works and why it works. But he also goes into what works plus tells you why it is not an effective process to use. He has lots of web marketing tips and I find this blog an invaluable resource.


Rule of Thumb

rule of thumb

rule of thumb

There are tons of SEO blogs to choose from. Personally, I rely on these two the most. I peruse through various other sites to glean tidbits of information here and there. But these two are the most reliable and I frequent them the most. The rule of thumb is when you find a reliable site – bookmark it and use it frequently, subscribe to their mailings and read them religiously. Other sites – look at them but always balance them against what you know to be the solid and trustworthy sites.

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