Digital Marketing for Contractors

While nothing can replace referrals from satisfied customers, prospective clients are bound to check out your website prior to making a phone call. Indeed, homeowners are far more likely to start with a Google search these days when they need a home remodeler, general contractor, or other service company.

Consequently, any contractor looking to grow his or her business needs a strong online presence not just to attract new business but to convert those leads into loyal customers.

At NetLZ, our thorough approach includes website design and development, content marketing, SEO and SEM, and social media marketing. We take care of all aspects of your online marketing strategy, so you can focus on delivering high quality service.

Web Design and Development

We create your site from the beginning with your specialty in mind. Whether you are a general contractor, HVAC company, painter, or home remodeler, we customize your site for your target audience. Since mobile has now become the most popular search method, we concentrate on responsive, mobile-friendly websites that deliver strong content across all devices. Because your website is your most important marketing asset, our designs reflect your particular business strengths and what sets you apart from your competition.


Search engine marketing (SEM) or paid digital advertising is one of the fastest ways to reach your target audience. We create copy for high-performing ads that reach the right customers at the right time. Our digital advertising strategy is geared to finding customers who are ready to take action. We use pay-per-click (PPC) ads as part of an overall strategy to expand your digital footprint.

SEO and Local Search

Search engine optimization or SEO is a term which denotes the marketing tactics you use to rank higher for relevant search results. We research your business to find out which keywords customers use to look for your services. Our next step is to use this data-driven content to promote your site to other authoritative websites and to have them reference you as an expert in your industry.

Even though word-of-mouth still drives business in your industry, nearly two-thirds of customers use a company website to locate and interact with businesses.

Moreover, since most contractors depend on local business, we optimize your website to rank for local search. For instance, we improve your local business listings to make it easier for customers to find you; we also include relevant information such as online reviews to add to your local authority. With nearly half of all Google searches being location based, no local business can function properly without a strong local strategy.

NetLZ also now includes the growing area of voice search within its marketing strategy. With estimates ranging from 30-50% of all searches coming from voice by 2020, we realize how important voice search techniques are to any forward-thinking digital marketing plan.

Content and Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, millennials searching for a home remodeler expect a strong digital presence from any business they consider hiring. And, people always want to read relevant content about your services. Therefore, we include blogs, testimonials, membership in professional associations, and examples of your work to build awareness and trust among your client base.

Your business also needs a social media strategy, especially since it is another avenue for you to engage with your community. If you want to reach commercial clients, LinkedIn might be the right fit. On the other hand, if you deal mainly with residential customers, you may fare better on Facebook. In any case, social platforms are a great way to respond to concerns any potential or existing customers may have. At NetLZ, we ensure that your social media pages are both professional and reliable sources for information about your business.

Our ability to design, develop, and market specifically for contractors makes NetLZ the ideal choice for the home remodeler, painter, electrician, or HVAC company looking to expand their online presence and bring in new clients.

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