Digital Marketing for Medical Professionals

Doctors and medical professionals often assume that referrals are the best way for their practice to grow and prosper.

While this method may still be effective, there is little doubt that most patients who have been referred to you will check out your online presence prior to visiting your practice.

Indeed, up to a third of patients look at doctors’ online reputations before the first consultation.

Web Design and Development

At NetLZ, our digital marketing plan revolves around building and maintaining your online reputation. We start with web design and development and then we add organic SEO, paid search marketing, content and local search marketing to the mix.

Content and Social Media Marketing

We recognize that patients want easy access to medical sources they trust. Therefore, we create authoritative content and medical blogs that establish your reputation as a leader in your field whether you specialize in cosmetic surgery, spinal issues or general dentistry.

We also use social media to capture your patients’ attention. Since platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook are essential for networking and brand visibility, we make sure that your pages are both professional and reliable sources for information about your practice.


Search engine marketing or digital advertising is an effective way to reach your target audience quickly. With paid advertising, we can reach the right patient at the right time. In order to accomplish this, we create high-performing ads that find people searching for healthcare services; a strong paid advertising strategy can deliver high quality leads that are ready to convert.

SEO and Local Search

Through search engine optimization, NetLZ heightens brand awareness and visibility. By optimizing your site for medical terms that potential patients use, we establish your practice as a leading authority. Through relevant content, we also build the trust and transparency that patients require.

Although many medical professionals have traditionally relied on word-of-mouth referrals, nearly half of all Google searches these days are local. As a result, we naturally include local search as part of any SEO strategy. For instance, our location-targeted marketing includes claiming and updating your Google My Business listings for both you and your practice, so that healthcare consumers in your area can easily find you and any important information about your business.

Our ability to design, develop, and market specifically to your medical or dental practice areas makes NetLZ the ideal choice for the medical professional looking to enlarge their online presence and attract new patients.