E-Commerce Digital Marketing


Nowadays, the convenience of online shopping means that every retail business needs a strong e-commerce strategy if it wants to continue to grow.

At NetLZ Consulting our professional staff knows how to build brand awareness and drive sales for your e-commerce business. Our mission is to develop your online retail presence to maximize your return on investment.

With a carefully crafted online marketing plan, we help you create customer-focused marketing solutions that are tailored to your digital marketing needs and requirements. Through our omnichannel approach, we achieve measurable results from SEO, PPC, and social media platforms.

E-commerce Web Design

Every online presence begins with a strong design concept. For this reason, NetLZ Consulting starts by designing an e-commerce platform that will showcase your products and their benefits. During the development process, we partner with you to plan your content to engage your target audience effectively.

By incorporating key elements of e-commerce design such as clear navigation and optimized product landing pages, we make it easy for your customers to access the products they need.  Because we tailor our solutions to each client and their needs, we support Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and other new and legacy e-commerce platforms. We create e-commerce websites that not only look good, but they deliver customer experiences that turn leads into conversions.


At NetLZ we know that designing your website for e-commerce is only the beginning. Our multi-faceted approach includes search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns that generate sales and raise the profile of your brand. To accomplish this goal, we do extensive keyword research to find the words your customers use to search for your products or services. 

As a result, we use a mix of both generic and branded keywords to create relevant content that raises your Google search rankings. In addition to optimizing your product and category pages, we also create informative blogs to increase your site’s relevancy and authority. And last but not least, we set up optimization tools to keep track of your rankings and your conversions.

E-commerce PPC Management

Since pay-per-click, or PPC, is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to e-commerce businesses, having a digital marketing agency that understands how to manage your PPC ad budget and your campaigns is critical to growing your online business. Because PPC is an invaluable marketing channel for both startups and large companies, we help you develop your e-commerce business to reap the immediate benefits of a well-crafted paid search strategy. 

 At NetLZ we use a combination of industry best practices and analytics to reach consumers actively searching for your products. We devise PPC ad campaigns that tell the story of your brand and emphasize the value of your products. We help you run effective online ads while getting the best possible return on your investment.

Social Media and E-commerce

While social media has become a means to connect people all around the world, it is also a very powerful tool for e-commerce. Not only can it help e-commerce businesses create buzz about new products or special deals, but social media marketing also offers online merchants the chance to engage with customers and create a sense of community.

Similar to SEO and PPC, your social marketing needs a defined strategy. At NetLZ, we choose the right platforms to raise brand awareness and bring traffic to your particular business. After researching your ideal customer, we concentrate on the networks that your target audience uses instead of the most popular ones. In addition to acquiring leads and boosting sales, we also use social media to form partnerships and build loyalty.

Our experienced team can help you devise a complete social media presence that includes everything from promoting new products to direct sales through some networks to the back-end tools that allow customers to share products and recent purchases. Since almost three-quarters of adults with internet access use social media, nearly every e-commerce business can add to their bottom line by using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And NetLZ has the knowledge and the background to use these platforms to your advantage.